Tree of Life OT

"Maybe you are searching among the branches

for what only appears in the roots."


Heal the root cause of your body pain

Holistic Mind-Body Pain Treatment

Hello, I'm Diana Kinslikh-Mohamed

I am a registered Occupational Therapist , Health and Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher. I help mothers overcome the barriers of chronic pain through a holistic approach that supports the whole family.

My therapeutic method will allow you to better understand the root cause of your pain through physiological and psychological perspectives and find solutions to allow you to return to what is most important to you.

Welcome to Tree of Life OT and I look forward to meeting you!

Diana Kinslikh-Mohamed MSc OT Reg. (Ont.)

A treatment plan to get you back to life

Pain Assessment and Education

The first and most important step to recovery is understanding why you hurt. A comprehensive pain assessment and education material will help set you on the right path.

Activity Analysis and Modification

Occupational Therapy focuses on your goals and the activities that are most meaningful to you. Once you are able to identify these activities, modifications and adaptations can be made to help increase your participation.

Sleep Therapy

Using a combination of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia and Restorative Yoga, you can start implementing strategies to get you more rest.

Health and Life Coaching

Pain never exists in isolation. We will work together to address the barriers that stand in the way of the life you want.

Adapted Yoga

Mindful movements such as those in a yoga practice have been shown to reduce chronic pain. However, many people who suffer from chronic pain, feel that they are not able to do yoga. Yoga can be adapted for everyone regardless or ability or pain. We can create this practice together.

Service Fees

Free 20 minute Introductory Consultation

Extended Health Coverage: Some people have extended health coverage for Occupational Therapy through their employment. Please check with your insurance provider to see if you have coverage.

Home visits:

60 min Assessment and treatment- $115

45 min Treatment - $90

Virtual Care:

60 min Assessment and treatment- $100

45 min Treatment - $80

Please note that all visits are tax free and qualify for income tax as a medical expense.

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